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Where is our Raku course held?

Our courses are based in our garden and workshop in the beautiful fishing village of Povlja on the Croatian island of Brač.

We are a short ferry ride from the historical city of Split, with it's walled roman city centre. Rural Povlja looks out over the Adriatic Sea with imposing views of the Dalmatian mountains.

Povlja is a small village at the north east side of Brač, with a population of 310. It keeps its rural tradition alive, with most inhabitants still making a living by fishing, and farming their land for the production of olive oil and wine. A village with many historical monuments, most originating from the 5th century, Povlja is quiet, scenic and away from heavy tourism. In its own natural harbour, Povlja has a range of bars, restaurants, accommodation and friendly locals.

The clean air, beautiful sea and un-spoilt environment make the perfect setting to relax, learn and explore a new skill.


Povlja offers a variety of apartments which are either located right on the harbour in the heart of the village, or have wonderful views of the Adriatic Sea and Dalmatian mountains.

We can either find you accommodation to suit you’re needs, or if you would rather choose yourselves, please feel free to ask for any advice, information or recommendations. Although nowhere is more than a 10 minute walk in Povlja, it might be uphill.

Povlja, Brac   Bol, Brac   Raku firing, beach, Povlja, Brac   Povlja, Brac
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How to reach us
at The Raku Garden

Easyjet, Croatia Airlines, German Wings, Norweigien Air, Wizz Air and Jet2 all fly from the UK direct to Split. Ryan Air flies to Zadar .

Prices vary greatly, when booking early and out of peak season, a return on easyJet can be as little as £80, while standard peak season flights rise to £300.

On arrival buses take you directly to the habour, where you take a ferry to Brac. We will meet you off the ferry and bring you to Povlja.

If you would like any more information on flights, or advice on any different routes to reach us, please give us a call.

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