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Your Raku pottery course

The aim of our workshops and classes is to enable you to feel confident using clay, to achieve your own forms and develop ideas, and to give you the skills and knowledge to build and fire your own Raku kiln.

Both working outside in the Raku Garden and staying in Povlja, provide a natural source of inspiration. You will discover the exciting and spontaneous techniques of Raku firing and the creative possibilities of clay.

We keep our groups small, a maximum of 10 people per course, to ensure a high level of personal tuition.

What your Raku course offers you

  • How to make pinch pots, and refine and decorate them into beautiful, simple and elegant forms. This will allow you to become accustomed to how clay moves and learn it’s limits.

  • Learn the various techniques needed to build the clay forms such as slabbing, coiling, pinching, and tile making.

  • Explore your own ideas to make forms, pots, sculptures, handmade ceramic tiles or mosaics.

  • Experience biscuit firing your pieces (first firing).

  • Learn to prepare and mix the glazes from scratch, choose colours and decorate.

  • At least 2 days of Raku firing.

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  • Practice using raku glazes, layering and masking, and how the post firing reduction effects your pieces.

  • Explore naked raku, surface texture and decorating techniques.

  • Practice copper matte firing to achieve flamboyant multicolored matt surfaces.

We have 2 potters wheels if you would like to have a go at throwing pots or developing and practicing your throwing.

We are 10 minutes walk from the sea allowing you to pop down for a swim between pots or take walks through the olive groves for quiet inspiration.

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